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Technology window.
Science explained in an understandable and vivid way - and that in the middle of the city: In a shop window front in Aachen, Germany. Initiated by the city of Aachen a window is transformed into a technology window to showcase the latest technology and opens up a view of innovative research topics that occupy Aachen's universities and research institutions.
With 4D Textiles we have been the first to show our research. 



Bridging Material Science and Interaction Design 
February 2020
Researchers from Denmark, The Netherlands, USA, Switzerland and Germany came together to discuss the how and the why for transdisciplinary research between the two fields. We put a strong emphasis on project based research to overcome challenges such as the different speed and different language of the two fields.

Book Chapter


4D Textiles: Hybrid Textile Structures that Can Change Structural Form with Time by 3D Printing
David Schmelzeisen, Hannah Koch, Chris Pastore, Thomas Gries
In: Narrow and Smart Textiles 


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